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Create a homework nook with Amish furniture

by Tom Grimes

The old idea of a domestic study, a private space for adults to quietly read and work, may be giving way to a new kind of a study, - one where the whole family can gather and participate in different tasks, according to The Calgary Herald.

One of the most popular changes is to make the most of kitchen space by having a small corner of the room dedicated to children who need to do homework. This can be especially helpful for parents who are trying to make dinner while making sure that all the kids' assignments are completed.

"We thought, let's create a little nook area where we can actually set up a desk or a work area," designer Greg Graham told the news source.

Experts caution that parents should plan the space beforehand. If a computer is going to be included in the design, make sure to have a space for the wires, so they don't get tangled or lie on the floor.

Amish dining room furniture can be practical for both studying and eating. Handsome tables and desks, such as those found in breakfast nook sets, can foster a sense of work ethic and also serve as places to eat.

1/23/2017 7:52:32 PM