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Create a unique living room with an Amish loveseat

by Tom Grimes

Some couples may be hard-pressed for space when moving into their first home together, which means that the size and durability of every piece of furniture needs to be considered.

Apartments and smaller homes sometimes aren't able to accommodate a full-size couch, which can leave living rooms feeling crowded and cluttered. Instead, homeowners may want to be practical and economic when arranging their space for relaxation.

First of all, a single, standing lamp can brighten the whole room and eliminate the need for extra tables or desks. These lights will also fill the room with a gentle glow, instead of the harsh glare from many ceiling bulbs, and add an understated elegance to any corner.

A small coffee table can double as a footrest and a place for food or reading materials, and a single bookshelf positioned against a wall can also help keep clutter to a minimum.

Lastly, an intimate couch that takes up little space, such as an Amish loveseat, can be a unique and fitting touch to any living room. These pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture will offer plenty of room for two, while adding class and dignity to a home.

1/18/2017 3:21:51 PM