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Create your own beautiful kitchen island

by Tom Grimes

Having an island in the middle of your kitchen can be a godsend when you find yourself tasked with having to prepare dinner for a hungry family. It adds a lot of counter space, which is going to make food preparation much easier, and adds a nice visual flair to the room when not in use. If you're thinking about adding an island to your kitchen, keep in mind that you can actually customize your own beautiful piece, with help from the Amish, of course.

These custom-made islands have the same high-quality standards that you've come to expect from Amish handcrafted furniture. Depending on your aesthetic needs, you can choose from one of a number of different sizes and styles as well.

Even if you have a little space, a small serving cart is made to double as an island when not being used to bring food and drinks to guests. With foldable drop leaves, you can be sure that you'll have more than enough room for the things you need.

1/16/2017 2:18:21 PM