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Cultivate a warm atmosphere with Amish beds

by Tom Grimes

The weather is getting cooler and for many homeowners, this can mean a sudden effort in making a house as warm and energy-efficient as possible without spending big bucks on renovation projects. 

Luckily, there may be some relatively affordable and effective ways to conserve time and money when preparing a household for winter, according to CreativeLoafing.com. 

"When considering a room makeover look for options that will improve energy-efficiency while adding to the room's look and feel," Kim Berghoefer, an energy-efficiency expert, told the news provider. "Upgraded lighting, appropriate window treatments and other small changes can add up to significant savings on electric bills." 

Comfortable, fuzzy rugs and cozy bedding can also make for a much warmer house. Additionally, a ready supply of linens and upholstery may contribute a luxurious feel to any room. 

A fireplace may be a place for chilly drafts during the winter. The news source suggests having glass panels installed that securely block cold air from coming in through the chimney. 

Aesthetically, homeowners may want to touch up a bedroom with pieces of Amish bedroom furniture. Beds can be focal points for these personal spaces, and a handcrafted bed can feel warm and natural, particularly if it's also layered with an Amish quilt and other heavy bedding. 

1/24/2017 4:12:23 AM