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Curio cabinets can be stylish way to store collectibles and antiques

by Tom Grimes

Many individuals have a passion for collectible or antique items, from coins to figurines to dishes. However, the problem with collecting these items is that they add up quickly and start taking up space. This means that some can become lost or abandoned in an attic or basement. Antiques may even be broken when packed away.

Instead, collectors should invest in a savvy way to store their valuables with pieces of Amish furniture such as curio cabinets. Whether one wants to make their collections the focal point of a room or just a distinctive cornerpiece, these cabinets will be worthy storing places for cherished items.

The solid wood angled console curio cabinet offers glass panels fitted into a handsome, carved frame, so that homeowners can display their goods to guests. With its flat surface, this piece can also be a natural storage place for books or additional collectible accessories.

For those who would prefer to have their valuables in a corner and out of harm's way, the solid wood estate curio cabinet is slim and elegant, so that it can fit into any room.

1/17/2017 6:06:48 AM