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Declutter a college student's bedroom with an Amish chest

by Tom Grimes

Now that college students have left for school, it may be time to decide how to keep their bedrooms organized before they come back for Thanksgiving break. Parents who are hesitant to throw away items may instead want to invest in storage solutions.

While spare books and desk accessories can be put into boxes, students may want access to the winter clothes they may have left behind. Maintaining the personality of the bedroom while trying to clean it can be especially difficult if there's no extra space to store the belongings that didn't make it to the dorm.

One way to cut down on the clutter is to e-mail the student with a list of items in the room, asking which should be thrown away, donated, stored or left out.

Despite all of the clothing that the student may have brought to school, the closet may still be hard-pressed for space. For this reason, homeowners may instead want to add an Amish hope chest to the room.

These spacious, handcrafted pieces of Amish bedroom furniture can look beautiful at the foot of the bed and are ideal for storing cloths, linens, and personal items that a student may have left behind.

1/18/2017 9:12:06 PM