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Design a long-lasting children's room with an Amish chest of drawers

by Tom Grimes

The Canadian Press reports that when parents are decorating a child's room, it may be more cost-efficient to create the space with long-lasting touches, instead of age-specific ones.

According to interior designer Betsy Burnham, "Why give them a really babyish room, when it's so expensive to change everything?" Her advice to homeowners is to make a room that will last from the very early years to the late teens.

Instead of traditional hues, such as pink or blue, the news source advises using shades such as salmon or navy, which can grow alongside the child. Another way to keep colors bright and lively while avoiding making a room appear childish is to use bright greens and oranges.

Burnham also recommends that parents shouldn't emphasize any kinds of toys in decorating. "Buy them a Buzz Lightyear toy, but don't put Buzz Lightyear all over the walls," she told the news provider.

Instead of looking for items appropriate for a toddler, parents should focus on buying furniture that lasts. Pieces of Amish made furniture such as a chest of drawers can be a beautiful addition to any room, and a child will be able to use it for years to come.

Since all Amish pieces are built to last, a chest of drawers can be ideal for a child's bedroom, because they can store toys, clothes and other personal belongings as hobbies and interests change.

1/24/2017 10:09:40 AM