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Designing a front hall with Amish Quarryville benches

by Tom Grimes

For homes that are generally frequented by guests it can be a good idea to keep a front hall as inviting as possible, while keeping the visit memorable.

To make visitors feel welcome, one may want to consider painting the halls in warm, inviting colors or setting family pictures on the walls, to give the area a personal touch.

Doormats or hallway carpets can also be a practical addition to foyers, because they can complement bare floors and scrape shoes clean in the process.

For furniture, it's important to have a piece that can act as a way to add sophistication to the hall, while serving as a place for visitors to store coats, hats and shoes. For this reason, pieces of Amish furniture such as a Quarryville bench may be appropriate.

These benches have spacious drawers for footwear and other outdoor accessories, but can double as a place for guests to rest after a long car ride and remove their shoes.

Some benches have mirrors attached, which makes these pieces doubly useful for the purpose of reflecting soft lighting throughout the hall. All of these pieces are crafted by Amish workers who focus on beauty and durability.

1/20/2017 1:02:43 PM