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Designing for the holidays with Amish coffee tables

by Tom Grimes

When the holiday season arrives and relatives visit, individuals often decorate their homes with warm and inviting items that will wow a guest and make them remember their stay. While many homeowners may feel pressed for ideas when it comes to the living room, a few creative touches can leave the space in ideal shape for visiting family and friends.

The living room will serve as a relaxed gathering place for company, so the atmosphere should reflect this calm. Lighting candles around the room is one way to give the space a gentle glow. However, if one prefers more festive options, stringing Christmas lights around the ceiling can be just as effective.

Decorations made from sprigs of evergreen are also staples of many holiday decors, but make sure that the right ones are chosen.

"I like to say, 'Think large' when choosing items such as garlands, bows and wreaths. Less is more, and bigger is better," interior designer Helen Piteo-Varrone told The Poughkeepsie Journal.

If a living room still feels empty, one may want to consider arranging Amish handcrafted furniture in the space. Amish coffee tables are constructed by woodworkers from solid oak, cherry or maple and can be ideal centerpieces.

1/18/2017 1:08:46 PM