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Durable Amish step stools can be great additions to a child's room

by Tom Grimes

It can sometimes seem like a good idea to outfit a child's room with bookshelves and cabinets that can house all the different books, toys and other accessories that a youngster finds entertaining. The problem is that, when all is said and done, the little ones may have trouble actually reaching their belongings.

This can prompt them to use a chair or bed as a way to reach difficult heights, but this isn't the safest solution. Instead, parents may want to add a little aesthetic appeal and function to the room with an Amish step stool.

Pieces of Amish bedroom furniture such as the large folding step stool can double as a chair for active children, while also offering them a safe and sturdy way to get to hard-to-reach shelves. Those who may not have the balance and coordination to use this kind of item may instead benefit from the beautiful oak step stool, which comes with a handle to help stabilize the person using it.

These items can easily be shifted from a child's room to a home library as well, making it easy for anyone to access novels or decorate walls and windows.

If children share a sleeping space, think about using a hickory step stool bench, which can not only provide a way for youngsters to get some extra height, but also acts as a comfortable seating surface for when one is tying (or Velcroing) shoes.

1/20/2017 9:09:30 PM