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DutchCrafters: Carrying the finest Dining Room Chairs available!

by Tom Grimes

DutchCrafters Dining Chairs are individually handcrafted and built to customer orders. Additionally, you won’t find a single Dining Room Chair on DutchCrafters that isn’t made in America! Every chair we sell is proudly designed and crafted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, and Indiana. ~ Since 2003, we've been combing the back roads of Amish country, looking for the highest quality handcrafted dining room chairs available. We've sat in the chairs, turned them over, inspected them carefully, and even watched them being finished!  We're confident that the dining room chairs we offer are among the best chairs you'll find anywhere! ~

Our Dining Room Chairs are constructed from only the strongest and most beautiful solid hardwoods. The natural beauty and distinct characteristics of a quality hardwood species will bring warmth and grace to any dining room collection!

Every chair we sell also features authentic Amish craftsmanship. Our Amish craftsmen are world renowned for their immense skills with wood, and their dedication to integrity. DutchCrafter’s Dining Room Chairs are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship! Authentic Amish craftsmanship, coupled with a quality hardwood results in an “heirloom” quality piece of furniture, one that will endure generation of use and be passed from parent to child.

Don't be fooled by cheap foreign imports. Many Dining Room Chair today are made overseas, mass produced on assembly lines, using every shortcut possible to turn a quick profit. These chairs never feel the touch of a true craftsmen, and often fall apart within a few short years. In contrast, our Amish-handcrafted chairs are individually worked on by a true expert and thoroughly inspected upon completion for material and workmanship related defects. You can count on our dining room chairs lasting a lifetime! We put quality before anything else, and it is our goal to maintain our reputation of excellence. DutchCrafters has proudly been awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

DutchCrafter’s not only carries the highest quality Dining Room Chairs though. We’ve also proudly assembled one of the largest collections of handcrafted dining chairs anywhere! We carry a wide array of styles, of which our most popular include Mission chairs, Shaker chairs, Windsor chairs, Ladder-Back chairs, French Country chairs, and, of course, Queen Anne chairs. Nearly all our chairs are available as side chairs or arm chairs.

At DutchCrafters, we also provide an assistance program for our customers. Call us toll-free during normal hours of operation to receive assistance beginning orders, answers to general questions, or assistance in customizing. Our friendly and professional Amish furniture specialists work with business owners, home owners, and designers on a daily business, and they will gladly do everything in their power to help you create the dining room set of your dreams!

To accommodate to your home and style, nearly every dining room chair is available in multiple quality hardwood species. Typical options include Oak wood, Maple wood, Quarter Sawn White Oak wood, Cherry wood, Rustic Cherry wood, and Brown Maple wood.

Be sure to also check out our superior Amish-crafted Bar Stools and Outdoor Seating!

Call us today! 1-866-272-6773. We're here to help!

1/16/2017 5:54:39 AM