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DutchCrafters.com Acquires Sister-Sites MillerStore and QuiltsByLinse

by Tom Grimes

In 2003 DutchCrafters founders James and Linse Miller broke the accepted norms and brought Amish furniture and crafts to an online platform. Thanks to their daring innovation, highly specialized Amish craftsmen across the country were given the opportunity to expand their markets and bring the lifetime value of their products to new customers across the United States. In the decade that followed, DutchCrafters, and sister-sites MillerStore and QuiltsByLinse, delivered thousands of Amish-handcrafted products to thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country.

Now, almost a decade after the companies birth in 2003, DutchCrafters has acquired sister-sites MillerStore and QuiltsByLinse creating just one platform on which customers can shop the largest collection of Amish-handcrafted, American-made products available online. The resulting site, the “new” DutchCrafters.com, features everything from heirloom quality dining room furniture to small handcrafted wooden toys and puzzles. Site managers guarantee that all products on-site are made in America by authentic Amish and Mennonite craftsmen, making DutchCrafters the ideal one-stop-shop for consumers who find value in the art of handcraftsmanship and who actively support the American-made movement.

Founders Jim and Linse Miller hope the site-acquisition will provide customers with a convenience-factor no other sites offer. The simple truth being that, post-merger, no other online website offers such a vast collection of handcrafted American products as DutchCrafters.

But the Millers’ endeavors for customer convenience extend beyond the site acquisition. DutchCrafters developers also recently announced the establishment of the DutchCrafters Wish List. Among thousands of new products, customers can now save their favorites, share them with family and friends, and upload them to a furniture specialist for suggestions and advice.

With the acquisition of its sister sites and the foundation of a dynamic wish list, DutchCrafters is proving itself a progressive, customer-oriented business. Along with associating with the American-made movement, DutchCrafters also boasts ecologically friendly furniture, emphasizing that Amish hand-craftsmanship maintains high energy savings and that nothing is wasted, wood scraps being used for agricultural purposes.  Aligning itself with such movements as the American-made movement and the “Green” movement, DutchCrafters has developed a base of loyal customers and has proudly served to support the work of American craftsmen in many different areas of focus. The Millers hope their one-stop-shop for everything “green,” and American-made will help make supporting these efforts easy and convenient.

1/24/2017 12:21:45 PM