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Eden collection fills your house with a regal simplicity

by Tom Grimes

The Eden collection is simple in its execution. Utilizing basic patterns and slightly recessed doors, it offers a look that will suit any home. There are a variety of pieces within the collection, meaning homeowners can furnish their dwellings with an entirely unified style, if they so choose.

One need only look at the Eden spindle bed to see the quality of craftsmanship that the collection exudes. Handcrafted from solid wood, the bed is beautifully finished for a magnificent appeal. A subtle pattern graces the headboard and the solid wood construction is heirloom-quality. Alternatively, the captain's bed features a larger, more boisterous headboard, complete with mirror and bookshelf.  Durable, sturdy and very beautiful, this collection represents premium grade bedroom furniture at DutchCrafters.

An Eden flat top desk is compact and prudent in its design, requiring minimum space for maximum efficiency. Its finish is a deep cedar hue with striking dark handles for its four drawers.

For country homes, the Eden collection offers a beautiful double gun cabinet that can accommodate either eight or ten guns, depending on the user's need. The cabinet features two large glass doors to showcase one's collection and can easily be locked from the outside.

1/17/2017 10:02:14 AM