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Emphasize reading with an Amish bookcase

by Tom Grimes

As the summer winds down and schools open their doors once again, experts suggest that parents encourage children to get into the habit of reading. This is a valuable and entertaining activity, but it can sometimes be difficult to get kids into a comfortable literary routine.

The Boston Globe reports that turning reading into entertainment instead of a chore can compel students youngsters to pick up a book. There are several ways that parents can help with this habit.

One method of emphasizing reading is to use posterboard or a large piece of paper to make a book graffiti wall, which readers can use to write quotes or other observations from the literature they have recently read or are in the process of reading.

Audiobooks can also be a fun and easy way to get kids reading. Kids Those who have difficulty comprehending the material may find it helpful to record their own voice, or a parent's voice, while going through the material out loud.

To really get kids into the spirit of reading, it may help to have a fun bookcase that they can use to store their books. Amish kids bookcases are pieces of Amish made furniture which have been carved into rowboats or house shapes, which and they may get a student's attention more easily than a regular shelf. ADNFCR-3308-ID-19920782-ADNFCR

1/24/2017 10:12:06 AM