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Enjoy the last picnics of the year with Amish baskets and crates

by Tom Grimes

As the end of August approaches and households everywhere are preparing for the cooler months ahead, some families may want to commemorate the passing of another summer by spending it in the great outdoors.

Autumn hikes can be beautiful, especially when the leaves start to change, but it's important to be prepared for the different temperatures. Parents should be careful to dress children appropriately in hats, sweatshirts and pants, or at least bring these items for back-up.

Picnics are a peaceful way for the whole family to enjoy these outings, but transporting a meal and all of the necessities, such as napkins, utensils, food and a blanket, can sometimes be a hassle when trying to navigate a rocky trail.

Pieces of Amish made furniture such as baskets and crates may be useful additions to this journey. These items, which are made from willow and wood, are spacious enough to contain enough lunchtime materials for the whole family. Additionally, their natural design can complement the hiking environment perfectly.

Many baskets have extra storage for utensils and blankets, so everything that is needed for a walk in the woods and a picnic in a meadow can comfortably fit inside.

1/23/2017 1:51:54 PM