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Fill a room with patterned fabric and simple furniture

by Tom Grimes

When homeowners design a room to reflect their personality, they may initially be stumped on how to gracefully incorporate different patterns into their decor. The Daily News Online suggests that, by using vibrant colors and patterns, any individual can make a space their own.

"One of the secrets to successful pattern mixing is continuity in the color palette. Having one shade in common and others that are similar is what ties them together," New York-based designer John Chadwick told the news provider.

Chadwick recently applied this principle to a dining room, where flower wallpaper and plaid curtains dominated the scene. While these two elements may seem incongruous, they were both leafy green and red, which ended up tying the theme together.

Additionally, Chadwick laid a gold-colored rug on the floor to add a sense of texture to the space, and it also served as a pleasing contrast to the walls and curtains.

Amish handcrafted dining chairs can be sophisticated additions to a dining room with bright upholstery, wall colors and curtains. The simple elegance of these pieces can offset the vibrant background, creating a dynamic decor.

These chairs are built to last for generations and can endure for many meals to come.

1/21/2017 12:22:26 PM