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Find Leisure and Freedom in the Warm Ambiance of an American-Made Hardwood Bar!

by Tom Grimes


Featured Photo: The Herrington Gathering Pub Table

   When most people think of DutchCrafters they think of finely handcrafted, heirloom quality dining room and bedroom furniture – and rightfully so! But DutchCrafters is so much more… Not only do we also carry superior living room, office, foyer, and kitchen furniture made in America, but our collection of Amish-made outdoor furniture is one of the largest assembled and features some of the highest quality outdoor products available!

   All this taken into consideration, today, I wanted to take a minute to remind the fine-furniture enthusiasts out there that DutchCrafters also carries hardwood bar furniture of unmatched structural integrity and aesthetic beauty. Mastered tamed

   The bar should be a warm and inviting area, yet distinguished and capable of fostering serious conversation. The balance between these two is a delicate one, but one that seems to have found its equilibrium in the masterful designs of our renowned Amish woodshops.

   No matter your tastes or preferences, DutchCrafters has bar furniture for everyone! Whether you want the gentle Tuscan ambiance of the French Country Style, or the majestic sophistication of the intricately detailed Windsor style, our collection encompasses nearly every style – and if we don’t have it, that doesn’t mean we can’t build it!

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_8230-Amish-Provence-Extension-Gathering-Table-5.jpg       http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_8232-Amish-Metro-Extension-Gathering-Table-5.jpg        http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_8223-Amish-Manchester-Solid-Top-Gathering-Table-8.jpg

Featured Photo: Provence Pub Table & Bar Stools, Metro Extension Pub Table & Bar Stools, Manchester Pub Table & Bar Stools

   Our entire collection of bar furniture (including bars, pub tables, bar stools, wine racks, and wine cabinets) is built to order. This enables us to accommodate to custom requests when within reason. We commonly have stools and tables built to custom heights, and bars and wine cabinets built to fit custom spaces. We’ve even added stylistic elements to fully satisfy certain customers!

   Our pub tables and bar stools are without a doubt our most sought after interior bar products. Our pub tables are carefully handcrafted, typically from your choice of hardwood species. Common hardwood options include Oak, Maple, and Cherry, but these options are highly dependent on the structural components of the table and the specific woodshops specialties.

   Our solid hardwood bar stools are typically built in Amish woodshops that have chosen to specialize in the art of crafting chairs, and have been doing so for many years. Each bar stool receives the individual attention of a highly trained and experienced craftsman, one who has been working with wood from a very young age. Many craftsmen even choose to sign and date their works, reflecting upon their confidence and integrity. Our bar stools are carefully inspected for material defects, and then handsomely finished for a long lasting shine and durable wood protection.


   Photos Left to Right: Sheaf-Back Barstool, Shaker Barstool, French-Country Barstool, Metro Barstool

   Whether you’re looking to entertain visiting guests, discuss business with a colleague, or just unwind after a long day and share a late evening drink with a loved one, the right bar furniture can positively enhance your experience, and provide you and you company with comfort and peace of mind. DutchCrafters heirloom quality, hardwood bar furniture is an investment that lasts a lifetime, and one you can feel good about – each pub table and bar stool is made in America, guaranteed!

1/19/2017 6:30:45 PM