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Get organized with Amish bedroom furniture

by Tom Grimes

The winter can mean a lot of heavy and scattered garments - gloves, hats, coats, snowpants and sweaters. This new round of clothes can cause a lot of clutter in closets and wardrobes, which means that homeowners may want to try and find other ways to stay organized.

The Calgary Herald recently suggested a number of ways that individuals can keep an area cleaned and uncluttered.

Start with the little things - loose change, keys and papers can be easy to put in order - put keys on hooks and coins in a decorative bowl.

Children might need a bit of help when they are putting away toys and accessories. One way to make sure that the items get stored correctly is to have specific bins that designate which belongings go where.

Those who are looking to organize with style, however, may want to invest in pieces of Amish bedroom furniture that can be used to store everything from linens to makeup to jewelry.

Amish jewelry boxes are timeless pieces that can be beautiful ways to safely store one's valuables, while a chest of drawers can offer ample storage space for those looking to keep apparel organized.

An Amish vanity table may be ideal for those looking for a beautiful place to put makeup, as well as apply it.

1/24/2017 8:16:40 AM