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Give your dictionary a home with an Amish lectern

by Tom Grimes

Even in the age of the internet, teachers recommend that students own a traditional paper dictionary. Not only does it cultivate a habit of diligent research, but young minds can easily stumble on words they didn't even know existed. Of course, a proper unabridged dictionary is immense in size and not easily drawn from a bookshelf. It may be wise to place it on an Amish-made lectern.

These podiums are handcrafted from solid wood and will easily complement the quiet dignity of a well-worn dictionary. There are several styles to choose from as well. The Lexington collection features two variations, both with convenient bookshelves underneath. Whether you want these books to be on display or behind a handsome door is the only decision required.

For those of a more pious persuasion, a bible lectern will provide a subdued sanctuary for the holiest of books. Thin and elegant, place one in your bedroom or foyer for easy consultation. Available in a variety of wood choices, finding a lectern that suits your home's décor is a breeze.

1/21/2017 8:23:20 AM