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Giving a kitchen a farmhouse feel with Amish kitchen accessories

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners may want to add a rustic charm to their kitchen, so that it feels cozier and warmer than many modern kitchens, which can often feel cold and sparse. A farmhouse-style kitchen, which can inspire traditional, communal values, can be a lovely area in which loved ones can gather.

Flooring should be one of the first considerations, as hardwood or stone can reflect the old-time feel of a farmhouse. Homeowners may also want to consider linoleum, which may be a cheaper alternative, that can emulate the appearance of a wooden surface.

Wallpaper is another retro addition that can provide a backdrop for the farmhouse feel, particularly if it is decorated with images that evoke the countryside, such as roosters, cows, pigs and corn.

Hanging a handcrafted clock on the wall or displaying it on the kitchen counter is another way to capture this rustic feeling. Amish clocks are available in many different models and each one has been made in Amish country, where farmhouse values have lasted for generations.

Other pieces of Amish furniture, such as a bread box, can also be charming additions, as an effective way to store food that will also contribute to the room's theme.

1/24/2017 4:26:16 PM