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Glacier Country collection brings a rugged look to your home

by Tom Grimes

There is a growing trend among homeowners of giving their houses a more rustic appeal. Those interested in bringing a rugged aesthetic to their homes may want to consider the Amish-made Glacier Country collection, beautifully melding the quality craftsmanship of Amish woodwork with a country beauty.

What characterizes the Glacier Country collection is its darker appearance when compared to hickory furniture, which is similar in construction. Skilled artisans use draw knives to strip logs of their light, scaly outer bark to reveal the inner bark. Pieces are then assembled and finished with a dark stain and a clear lacquer, bringing forth a confident shine.

The wood for this collection is eco-friendly, as well. Logs used for these pieces are harvested from standing dead trees, reducing the danger of forest fires and ensuring their sustainability.

The Glacier Country collection comes in a variety of pieces to suit the needs of the entire house. Whether it's a bookshelf, a bed or a simple dog bowl, there is a finely-made piece to be found.

1/23/2017 1:52:23 PM