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Hard Maple Wood & DutchCrafters Heirloom Amish Furniture

by Tom Grimes

   At DutchCrafters, nearly every piece of heirloom Amish furniture we offer is handcrafted to order. This enables our customers to make critical decisions that greatly influence the overall look and feel of the final piece. Among these decisions our customers typically have their choice of hardwood, finish, and quite often hardware, among many others.

   We strive to provide our customers with the information that will enable them to make educated decisions on these matters. We understand that not everyone possesses the same detailed knowledge of solid hardwoods as our Amish craftsmen, and that sometimes these choices can be difficult. Throughout our immense selection of heirloom Amish furniture you’ll encounter options for such stunning hardwoods as Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Hickory, and Walnut! Today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Hard Maple wood, one of our most popular hardwoods – along with Oak and Cherry!

A Description of Hard Maple Wood:

   Hard Maple tends to have creamy-white sapwood with a varying light to dark reddish brown tinge in the heart-stock. Hard Maple typically has a straight grain, but is sometimes curly or wavy. The stunning curls and waves in the grain add individualized character to each cut of wood and are commonly referred to as bird's eye or burl grain. Bird's-eye resembles small circular or elliptical figures, while burls are clusters of round curls that grow into balls on the sides of trees.

        Michaels Hard Maple       Coffee Hard Maple         Rich Cherry Hard Maple  Onyx Hard Maple         Bing Cherry Hard Maple

Featured Photos: Hard Maple Wood shown with a Variety of Quality Protective Finishes

   Hard Maple is heavy, hard, strong, tough, stiff, close-grained, and possesses a fine and even, uniform texture. It possesses an excellent resistance to abrasion, indentation and shock – ideal for children’s furniture. Hard Maple also has superb steam-bending properties!

   Primarily grown in eastern United States, principally the Mid-Atlantic and Lake states, Hard Maple is s cold weather tree favoring a more northerly climate. Its average height is 130 feet! 4 percent of U.S. hardwoods commercially available are Hard Maple.

Finishing Hard Maple Wood:

   Hard Maple is commonly referred to as stain grade Maple, because it is more consistent in color than its cousin, Soft Maple. It is a fine textured and close-grained wood that does not require filling as solid Oak wood may. Hard maple dries slowly with high shrinkage. With care it machines well, turns well, glues well, and can be stained to an outstanding finish – ideal for the craftsmanship of heirloom American furniture!

   Hard Maple is also a beautiful wood to apply a clear coat to. The tight grain makes pore filling unnecessary and enables finishers to attain a remarkable glass-like finish when the proper care is given to work down the grit and sand with the grain.

Hard Maple: A History and Uses

   Hard Maple is a widely-used, versatile North American wood. It’s the wood of choice for pool cue shafts, baseball bats, bowling pins, bowling alley lanes, ballroom and gymnasium floors, and butcher’s blocks, and is also commonly used in archery as the core material in the limbs of a Recurve Bow due to its stiffness and strength.

   The Maple tree is the state tree of Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and West Virginia, and early American settlers even used maple ashes to make soap! Native Americans crafted their spears from Hard Maple, and until the turn of the century, even the heels of women's shoes were crafted from Maple wood!

   Hard Maple is also considered a tonewood, or a wood that carries sound waves well, and is used in the construction of numerous high-end musical instruments! The back, sides, and neck of most violins, violas, cellos, and double basses are made from Maple. Even electric guitar necks are commonly made from maple, having a brighter sound than rosewood. The necks of the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster were originally an entirely maple one piece neck, but later also became available with rosewood.

About DutchCrafters Hard Maple Amish Furniture:

   Maple Hardwoods have a long history of use for furniture production in the United States. Today, our world renowned Amish craftsmen excel in the production of handcrafted heirloom furniture in Hard Maple. Our superior Hard Maple furniture proudly springs forth from the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the back roads of Ohio, and the amber waves of grain in Northern Indiana – from small woodshops where it is made with careful attention to detail, master craftsmanship, and a unique touch that reflects time-honored traditions of integrity, simplicity and hard work.


Featured Photo: The Amish Small Flair Jewelry Armoire shown in Hard Maple

   We invite you to browse our “smart-site,” DutchCrafters.com, save your favorite furniture to your very own DutchCrafters Wish List, and share that Wish List with your friends and family, or with one of our knowledgeable on-call Amish furniture specialists for advice and suggestions. We work with designers, business-owners, and home-owners alike on a daily basis, and we are always excited at the idea of helping a customer create the heirloom hardwood furniture of their dreams! Our furniture is proudly Amish-handcrafted in America!

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