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Have your next meeting at an Amish conference table

by Tom Grimes

It's important to strike a confident tone in your office, especially if you plan on frequently holding meetings. Having the right conference table can do wonders for your office's overall décor. If you're interested in sprucing up your space's design a bit, consider the fine quality of Amish handcrafted furniture.

Amish conference tables are stunning in their presentation and will certainly do the trick as far as adding a strong and confident tone to your office's aesthetic. You have the choice of three different sizes, so the smallest and largest of spaces can easily be accommodated.

The Executive Deluxe conference table is meant for those large meetings where you need to assemble an entire team together. Made from rich solid wood, this piece is gorgeous in its presentation and will last for years. At more than ten feet long, you can fit a tremendous number of individuals.

If you'd like something a bit more personal, the Executive conference table will happily suit your needs. It is notably smaller than the Executive Deluxe, but for a meeting of just two or three people, you'll be very pleased. 

1/16/2017 9:53:09 AM