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Homeowners should protect their Amish furniture from termites

by Tom Grimes

Wooden furniture has a few natural enemies - an abundance of moisture, cats who like to sharpen their claws on table legs, small children with permanent markers - but no foe is more feared than the termite. Termites can turn a beautiful piece of Amish furniture into a pitiful pile of sawdust, so those who own the wooden items should make sure to protect their homes against the pesky critters.

According to DIYLife.com, termites eat wood and other cellulose products, including wooden furniture, wallpaper and books. To prevent an infestation, individuals should avoid bringing used wooden furniture into their house, as termites can easily be hiding in the old pieces. Instead, those looking to furnish their home with wooden items should purchase new Amish furniture.

Homeowners who already own wooden Amish furniture should check for signs of termite activity. Piles of insect wings, for example, may indicate an infestation, as the flying pests shed their wings after they've found a new place in which to colonize.

If termites are discovered, individuals should contact a termite specialist immediately to eliminate the creatures and implement a pest management system.ADNFCR-3308-ID-19868732-ADNFCR

1/18/2017 11:23:29 PM