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House your valuables in a beautiful Amish jewelry box

by Tom Grimes

Keeping your jewelery safe and secure is very important. Such delicate pieces deserve only the best treatment, which means that the place where you store your valuables should reflect their worth to you. If you are looking for new storage space, look no further than a fine Amish-made jewelery cabinet.

These solid wood pieces come in a variety of styles to suit even the most particular tastes. If you have a smaller collection, consider a simple jewelery cabinet. They provide four drawers of elegant storage and sit comfortably atop a dresser or desk.

Those with a hefty collection of adornments can purchase a more elaborate dresser-top jewelery box. These give not only five drawers of storage, but two side openings to hang your necklaces. The cabinet opens up to reveal a small mirror so you can quickly get a look at the jewelery against your skin.

You may customize your cabinet's wood and finish to your liking. If you would like a more classic motif, brown maple wood will prove delightful. Conversely, hickory wood will bring a certain rustic charm to your piece.

1/21/2017 10:17:56 AM