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Invest in a sophisticated and classy storage solution with Amish bedroom chests

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners spend so much of their energy creating an unforgettable decor in other parts of the house that they neglect their own bedroom. That means that the sleeping space can end up being disorganized and it can be difficult to locate clothes, jewelry and linens.

Different bureaus and chests of drawers can sometimes end up cluttering a smaller bedroom as well, which means that it may be best to invest in a focal piece instead. Beautiful items of Amish bedroom furniture such as a Chifforobe or Mule chest can offer the space that homeowners need for all of their belongings.

The handcrafted Versailles Chifforobe offers an elegant charm with enough drawers and cabinets for a couple to store all of their clothes. There are also two central cabinet doors that open up into a space that could be an ideal place for a television set or vanity mirror.

For a neutral, relaxed addition, one may opt for the Country Mule chest of drawers, which offers the same, luxurious feeling but with lighter wood tones.

Many bedroom chests offer comfortable storage for both partners in a bedroom, which can free up the rest of the area from clunky cabinets and bureaus.

1/19/2017 2:11:11 PM