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Keep an office uncluttered with an Amish laptop storage end table

by Tom Grimes

Desks can often become disorganized when papers, cords and other accessories start to pile up. This is particularly true for those who hook laptops up to monitors and use multiple screens for work. Unplugging and hiding these extra wires can be a hassle, as they can easily get tangled.

Those who move their laptops from the desk to another area - such as to a conference room or a study hall - may know all too well the frustrations that can arise when moving a computer back and forth.

Getting organized may help boost productivity, and for those who constantly alternate between paperwork and computer screens, clearing a desk of electronics might be the first step in improving a work space.

Employees or students who find themselves shifting from heavy textbooks to notepads and back to the keyboard should try to find a way to store office supplies, like pens and paper, in specific drawers or jars.

Pieces of Amish office furniture, like the Amish laptop storage end table can also be practical and aesthetic additions to any workspace, because they feature areas to store accessories and a special drawer for a laptop, so it can be safely stowed.

These tables even have power modem boxes that can be used for three outlets and a phone line, so it is possible to charge a laptop while it is in the compartment.

1/19/2017 5:52:53 AM