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Keep foyers organized with an Amish coat rack

by Tom Grimes

Winter means a lot of snow and a lot of layers. Children will constantly be running in and out of the house, often trying to find their snowpants and jacket each time. Guests will also arrive with heavy garments that they are looking to shed as soon as they enter a home.

Unfortunately, it's easy to run out of coat hangers when everyone has donned so many pieces of clothing, and some hangers may not even be big enough to accommodate winter jackets.

Instead, homeowners may want to consider turning to a sturdier option - the Amish coat rack. These pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture are ideal for households with foyers that become overwhelmed with hats, gloves, jackets and snowpants.

The rustic hickory wood coat rack is made from one of the toughest woods in North America and can be a charming and durable addition to any front hall. The countryside appearance can also complement the adventurous spirit of the season.

For a smoother and more glossy look, one may instead opt for the pine wood coat rack, which boasts a sleek and refined look.

1/24/2017 2:24:29 PM