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Keep your unmentionables in a lovely Amish lingerie chest

by Tom Grimes

Some of your more delicate clothing deserves a special storage space. Simply tossing them into your dresser with the rest may cause wrinkling or lasting damage, and you want them in a space where they are can be easily accessed and well-protected. With an Amish made lingerie chest, you can be rest assured that your undergarments occupy a space that matches their own elegance.

Amish made furniture comes in a variety of styles to suit any aesthetic preference, and these pieces are no different. The Versailles lingerie chest boasts an elegantly-contoured design that combines with classic lines to create a unique charm.

The Shaker-style chest is regal and simplistic, with a clean shape that will complement any bedroom's design. Those looking for something a bit out-of-the-ordinary will enjoy a hand-painted nautical-themed chest with its ocean blue hue.

You can be confident that the Amish furniture you buy is of the highest caliber. Only the finest pieces make their way out to customers, forging a promise that your piece will endure for generations to come.

1/18/2017 5:10:28 PM