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Keep your valuables close by with an Amish nightstand

by Tom Grimes

Once you have settled into your bed for the night, it can be somewhat aggravating to have to get up and turn the light off. Finding a place to keep your book can also be a hassle if you want it to be easily-accessed. A nightstand is an invaluable addition to any bedroom, and with Amish furniture you can enjoy the perfect melding of versatility and longevity.

The fine craftsmanship of these pieces will truly make your bedroom a place for relaxation and respite from the unending humdrum of the outside world. With a wide variety of styles, you'll be sure to find a piece that suits your particular aesthetic preferences.

Those looking to add a bit of a rustic charm to their home will enjoy the log cedar nightstand. Two drawers provide ample storage for valuables that you wish to remain out of sight, and its wood is full of character.

The Mission-style nightstand is a fine example of Amish furniture. Pennsylvania is a state known for its rich tradition, and this is nowhere better demonstrated than in the quality that goes into every one of these pieces.

1/18/2017 5:03:44 AM