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Learn More About Our Famous Amish Crafts Collection!

by Tom Grimes


  Featured Above: Wood-Burned Buckboard Wagon with Metal Wheels

   The Amish Crafts Collection features a wide array of superior Amish-handcrafted home and garden decorative accent items! From fully functional decorative windmills to our widely popular old fashioned water pump planters, this collection is guaranteed to bring the warmth and beauty of rustic Amish crafts to your outdoor living! Best of all, our Amish Crafts Collection proudly springs from the amber waves of grain in Northern Indiana – made in America, guaranteed!

   Each and every Amish-made craft from this stunning home and garden collection is built to order – just for you! You choose from our superior Aromatic Red Cedar Wood, or our Treated Yellow Pine – kiln dried before and after treatment, and carefully milled for a smooth finish – to achieve the look you truly want for your home!

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_31180-Amish-Wooden-Pump-with-Bucket---Small--20.jpg   http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_31181-Amish-Wooden-Pump-Planter-with-Bucket---Large--30.jpg

Above: Old-Fashion Water Pump Planters - Treated Yellow Pine Left, Aromatic Red Cedar Right

   What’s more though is that this Amish wood shop specializes in custom wood-burnings! You can have a custom message or design of your choosing burned into your Amish craft for as little as 20 dollars! Many customers feature our Amish-made planters by their home entrances, overflowing with the color of springtime flowers, and with the message “Welcome Friends” custom-burned into the side!

   Yet another great way to greet your guests is with stunning, handcrafted cedar lighthouse from the Amish Crafts Collection! Lighthouses are available in 2 Foot, 3 Foot, and 4 Foot sizes. But what’s best is that each lighthouse features a solar top-light standard! What a warm and inviting way to welcome you guests! A lighthouse is a timeless nautical icon representative of knowledge and hope. Combine this with the heritage, integrity, and authenticity of Amish hand-craftsmanship and you have a piece full of meaning and American history!

   Quite recently, our woodworkers of Northern Indiana decided to add a line of patio furniture to this superior crafts collection. Included in their new line of patio furniture is some of our finest handcrafted Swivel Gliders and Glider Ottomans! Also new is our superior cedar Glider Loveseat! These new additions to our immense collection of Amish outdoor furniture promise to provide rest and relaxation for you and your loved ones! Along with our new swivel gliders, the Amish Crafts Collection has also added a wonderful Child’s Picnic Table to the selection. Seating children at an adult size table can be both a danger and an inconvenience. Our child-sized table will make both your children and your guests children feel right at home!


Above: 24" Wide Adirondack Swivel Glider

   Lastly, the Amish-made Garden Cart from this collection deserves some recognition. Gardeners across the United States have raved about this piece as a garden tool collection center. With a roof to protect tools from the rain, and fully functional wheels to move the cart throughout your garden, this charming rustic Garden Cart fulfills a practical purpose while providing your home and garden with a warm, pastoral decorative accent.


   Above: Handcrafted Decorative Garden Cart with Roof

   Please feel free to contact us with any question regarding our Amish Crafts Collection, or simply for assistance beginning your order. This unique Amish-made collection of home and garden accents promises enhance your home with the distinct allure of rustic Amish crafts and décor! Call today, toll free: 1-866-272-6773.

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