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Make a dining room comfortable with handcrafted dining chairs

by Tom Grimes

Interior designer Wrenda Goodwyn, writing for News-Press.com, recently discussed ways that homeowners could make a home comfortable, which she suggests should be the top concern of any amateur designers.

Before investing in any major pieces, Goodwyn recommends that homeowners reflect on their overall design plans. Any item of furniture or decoration should be built to last and add something substantial to a room.

Rather than purchasing trendy or modern furniture, it may be better to look into classic or traditional pieces which display a quality of timelessness. This also makes them easier to fit into a room's overarching theme, and guarantees that they won't end up in the attic by next year.

Goodwyn advises homeowners to follow a symmetrical lighting scheme with pairs of lamps and also says that the best way to design a room for conversation is to arrange furniture in a U-shape.

Handcrafted dining chairs made by professional Amish craftsmen may fit the bill of long-lasting, heirloom-quality furniture. These handsome pieces can add a touch of class and comfort to any dining room.

1/20/2017 12:42:09 AM