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Make a large room intimate with Amish sofas

by Tom Grimes

The Orlando Sentinel reports that it can sometimes be difficult to bring an intimate feel to the bigger rooms of a home, but some designers give homeowners tips on how to make even the largest space feel cozier.

Interior designer Jeanne Archer recently worked on a 16,700-square-foot home on Lake Mabel in Orlando, Florida, and painted the walls a pale gold that was complemented by green, full-length draperies. These colors are echoed in each room of the house, with copper-colored Venetian plaster and decorative chandeliers in the foyer to make the 43-foot-high ceiling of the room seem smaller.

"If the walls, floor and ceiling were all off-white, the room would come off cold and stark," Archer told the news source.

Another designer, Hattie Wolfe, advises homeowners to cluster furniture into different sections of a large room. Each section should serve a different purpose - a gathering of armchairs for conversation, couches in another corner for watching television, a desk for using the computer or studying.

Distinctive, Amish made sofas can add a rich color to any room and also serve to make the space feel more intimate by drawing attention to that particular area. The royal, tasteful patterns of these pieces can complement the colors of any walls and lend a quiet dignity to the atmosphere

1/24/2017 4:11:10 AM