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Make a living room formal with an Amish coffee table

by Tom Grimes

The Evansville Courier & Press recently reported that there are some key steps that homeowners must take if they are looking to turn a room into a formal or traditional space of the house.

One critical design element is the color of the room. Blues, greens and golds can capture a formal look, although the news source suggests that those who prefer neutral hues can instead use tasteful accessories to accent the colors.

Wooden flooring can also provide a base layer to the room, adding a rich, dark appearance, especially when it is offset by antique and vintage items. Another alternative is to find carpets that incorporate traditional colors, such as red and gold.

The news provider suggests that colorful drapes can also be beautiful touches to windows, particularly if the pattern is echoed by throw pillows or upholstery. Additionally, setting out figurines, clocks or a tea set can be a way to add a creative flourish to the room's decorations.

Pieces of Amish furniture, such as a coffee table, can also provide a handsome centerpiece for a formal room. These sturdy pieces are built to last for generations, so they can effectively complement antique and vintage items.

1/19/2017 1:45:40 AM