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Make a room larger with an Amish chest of drawers

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners who want to make the most of a small room can often arrange furniture strategically to maximize the amount of space available to them, whether the space is a cramped living room or cluttered bedroom.

One of the first steps to making a room appear larger is to use dividers. The Hindu suggests using glass dividers to separate the space into two sections, and decorating each area differently. Try painting each section a different color, outlining them with two distinct themes.

Homeowners who are designing the room from scratch may also want to evaluate which dimensions would offer the most space.

"Try 45 degree walls which open out, thereby not cutting the view. And inset door frames into the wall, rather than having them project out of the wall," consultant L. Vasudev told the news provider.

Pure white surfaces can be effective at creating a spacious feeling, because they reflect light and don't create a definite border to the room.

Furniture should likewise be economic and multi-functional. Pieces of Amish bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers can be ideal for homeowners trying to make the most of a space, because they can store clothes, jewelry and bedding, while providing a practical surface for cosmetics or other personal accessories.

1/21/2017 3:31:09 AM