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Make a warm winter den with an Amish entertainment center

by Tom Grimes

As the weather begins to get too cold for outdoor activities and homeowners are spending more time indoors, many may be looking for a way to create a cozy den that can be comfortable and relaxing during even the coldest of winter nights.

When considering the color of the walls, homeowners should first find a hue that can be a welcome contrast to gray skies and early evenings. Warm, rich tones will make any room feel more inviting.

Adding vibrant and luxurious fabrics, such as blankets and rugs, can also be important. A carpet-covered floor can be much more comfortable for bare feet than a cold surface, and it can also serve to add an interesting pattern and color to the room.

When it comes to creating a focal point, one may want to consider the natural tones found in Amish furniture. Pieces such as the Amish entertainment center are handsome and traditional elements that serve a very modern purpose.

The plentiful drawers and panels allow for the display of interesting and quirky accessories and the ample cupboard space makes for a comfortable and cozy spot for the television.

1/17/2017 7:54:12 AM