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Make guests feel welcome with an Amish coat rack

by Tom Grimes

When it comes time to design a foyer, homeowners rarely find an ideal blend of decorative and practical pieces during decoration. A vase on a windowsill or a hallway carpet can look nice, but doesn't offer visitors anything more than an aesthetic touch.

That's why it's a smart and effective strategy to invest in items that are equally functional and beautiful. This time of year, it may be best to accommodate guests who arrive with heavy jackets and sweatshirts, so that the layers don't end up heaped on the floor or scattered across the house.

Pieces of Amish furniture such as Amish coat racks can be a perfect addition to a front hall for this purpose. Not only will they keep outer layers, hats and umbrellas secure, they will also bring a touch of dignity to the room.

If one is also looking to effectively use lighting to create a warm and welcoming glow, the solid wood American Mission wall mirror with coat rack can be just right - the reflective surface can open up a whole new dimension of space in a hall.

For a more rustic look, one may consider the pine wood coat rack hall tree, which stands upright and offers ample storage space with an economic design.

1/20/2017 9:09:30 PM