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Make room for winter apparel with an Amish armoire

by Tom Grimes

Winter is almost here and many homeowners may start acknowledging the season by outfitting couches, chairs and beds with new layers of blankets. While this can help keep rooms warm during the colder months, extra linens can often pile up and create a lot of clutter.

If the family gears up for the outdoors with jackets, gloves, hats and snow pants, they also may be likely to leave these clothes on the floor as soon as they get back to the house. This can lead to heap of winter apparel on the floor or table, which can be the cause of a lot of hassle for anyone trying to keep things tidy.

Trying to find an aesthetically pleasing and spacious storage solution can be difficult, but pieces of Amish furniture like an Amish armoire can be ideal for storing the heavy blankets and a multitude of warm garments that can accumulate during the winter.

Armoires can add a classic, timeless feel to the corner of a hallway or bedroom, blending with both contemporary and traditional themes. The drawers and shelves can comfortably fit the entire family's winter outfits, which means that items won't be left lying around the house and it will be easy to find them when it's time to venture outdoors.

1/24/2017 8:19:09 PM