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More Amish turning to alternative crafts for income

by Tom Grimes

Anywhere from 400 to 800 Amish farmers and their families have recently migrated to Colorado, where the different climate has made many turn to alternative sources of income, instead of their traditional farming methods, according to The Denver Post.

One family, the Troyers, moved to the area from Missouri, where they were used to the reliable rainfall for crops. However, the Colorado Valley where they now live receives seven inches of rainfall each year, compared to the 34 inches of their previous home.

While farming remains the priority for these families, many have taken to using different skills in order to supplement their finances. Magdalena Troyer started weaving carpets. Many others now bake for commercial purposes and run stores, while others repair wagons or erect buildings for local construction projects.

Some Amish individuals are drawing on the culture's strong tradition of craftsmanship and making pieces of Amish furniture as it becomes a more important source of livelihood for many families. These handcrafted pieces are all built with care and expert precision, guaranteeing that they are heirloom quality and can last in a household for years to come.

1/23/2017 9:41:03 AM