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New autumn fashion may be found in vintage items

by Tom Grimes

The Telegraph reports that one decorating trend that has been gaining in popularity this season is to outfit a home with a few flea market trinkets and traditional furniture, to reflect a rustic and homey appearance.

According to the news source, interiors are becoming understated and sparse, with a few pieces that attract attention, and using bright, distinctive lighting or colorful cushions may add flair to the room.

Distinctive lampshades and traditional cloths or blankets woven with cinnamon, cream and slate colors can add a splash of personality to a formal room without overwhelming the otherwise uncluttered design.

Prints, paintings and drawings can also counter the whites or grays of the walls and complement upholstery.

Heirloom-quality items also appear to be popular with this seasonal theme, because many homeowners are looking for items that have been designed by experienced craftsmen.

Amish dining room furniture can strike an ideal balance between modern and traditional elements in a home, because these handsome pieces are built to last, but are unique enough to leave an impression on guests.

Amish dining tables can add a warm, natural aesthetic to a room and act as focal points for a tasteful, dignified atmosphere.

1/19/2017 11:54:13 AM