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Prepare for the cooler months with an Amish coat rack

by Tom Grimes

August is already halfway over, which means that temperatures are likely to begin cooling as the summer ends and fall begins. This shift in the weather can mean heavy jackets and sweatshirts.

For active families with children going to school and adults traveling to work, coats can be a hassle to find in the morning and to organize at night. Bulky winter jackets and other garments can get tossed on the floor or shoved into a closet and quickly forgotten until the next day.

A messy front hall can be unseemly to visitors and present an obstacle course to individuals coming home from long hours in the classroom or at the office, so it's best to have a way to tidy up the space.

One piece of Amish furniture that can contribute to a hall's decor and help keep a family organized during the fall and winter is the Amish Hall TreeCoat Rack. These handcrafted items can be placed by doors, so outer layers can instantly be retrieved in the morning and put back in the same place at night.

These pieces can also give a touch of personality to any room. Amish Pencil Hall Coat Racks, which are carved into the shape of pencils, can be perfectin a kid's room, because they can store bulky winter apparel and backpacks.

1/19/2017 10:39:22 PM