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Prepare for winter with Amish quilts

by Tom Grimes

With November finally here, many homeowners may want to consider preparing an abode for winter by trying to find creative and fashionable ways to keep a home comfortable. Having alternative ways to keep warm can cut down on heating bills and also lend a degree of luxury to a bedroom or living room. 

Some may also want to promote an aesthetically warm atmosphere in a home by using vibrant colors. By decorating couches or beds with bright throw pillows, individuals can make an interior appear brighter, which can make a room especially comfortable when the sun sets in the early evening. 

Lighting should also be considered, because the outdoors will be so much darker. The Independent suggests installing a light in the living room that can be dimmed or brightened with a switch, so that the illumination can convey different moods. 

A practical and aesthetic addition that can also serve to keep a bed or couch comfortable in the winter is an Amish quilt, which is handmade and heirloom quality, so it can be available for many seasons to come. 

Pieces of Amish bedroom furniture like an Amish quilt rack can also be handy, because they can be an ideal storage solution for quilts that would otherwise be left on the floor.  

1/19/2017 6:32:24 PM