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Preserve your precious heirlooms in an Amish hope chest

by Tom Grimes

There are some things that deserve extra storage effort - be it a grandmother's quilt, a wedding dress or a family heirloom. When a simple box in the closet will not do, Amish-made hope chests step in to provide an elegant solution. These pieces will handsomely keep your treasured keepsakes in perfect condition for years to come.

The hope chest, historically, was used by an unmarried girl to collect and store her trousseau - such as clothing, table linens and towels - for when she would marry. Often passed down from mother to daughter, it provides storage for those items that demanded meticulous care. In the U.K., it is known as a glory box.

Today, their function has expanded to house all heirlooms deserving a special place. They will find a comfortable home at the foot of any master bed and come in a variety of styles, ensuring a match to the room's décor. A cedar chest will bring classic beauty to a room, while others feature hand-painted portraits of rustic American life.

1/23/2017 7:55:51 PM