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Reinvigorate your washroom with Amish bathroom furniture

by Tom Grimes

The sterility of modern bathroom furniture can be dull, if not downright oppressive, on a groggy morning. Nickel-plated sinks attract fingerprints and grime and wooden counters crack and swell over the years as they repeatedly get wet and dry.

Amish bathroom furniture aims to solve both of these problems with warm hues and reliable materials. Walking into a warm and inviting restroom is an ideal way to start the morning and can easily improve the rest of the day.

There are several styles of vanity cabinets one may choose from. The Lakeshore cabinet is made from solid wood and the top may be outfitted with either a Mysteria or granite surface. The Caledonia style is more subtle in its execution, bringing a quiet distinction to your bathroom.

A variety of Amish bathroom accessories are available, too. Handcrafted soaps will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day, while rugs made from 100 percent recycled materials soak up any loose water that may fall, making the room's cleanliness easy to maintain.

1/24/2017 6:08:58 AM