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Renew a washroom with Amish bathroom shelves

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners may be looking to update their bathroom as temperatures drop and warm water becomes more of a priority. Refreshing this space doesn't have to be expensive or arduous, as small, strategic touches can often be very effective.

The fixtures and faucets should be the initial focus of the project, because these can be critical in the colder months. Now is the chance to alter the water pressure on a showerhead that can only produce a trickle of water, and also to make sure that the pipes don't freeze in the winter.

For a touch of pizazz, The Seattle Times suggests hanging a chandelier from the ceiling to add a soft illumination to early morning showers or late night baths.

Those who are looking for durable pieces of furniture with which to decorate a space may also want to invest in pieces of Amish furniture. Amish bathroom shelves are handcrafted and built to last.

These pieces are ideal for holding toothbrushes, lotions and other accessories, and can also be good places for candles for those who enjoy a relaxing bath every once and a while. An Amish towel rack can complement the shelves, and the beautiful woodwork can make for a unique contrast between bright linens.

1/19/2017 12:00:48 PM