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Shaker dining room chairs an American original

by Tom Grimes

Today's Shaker furniture finds its origins in American Shaker movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The movement, a uniquely American one, emphasized the Shaker values of simplicity, hard work and honesty.  The furniture that grew from that movement was strong and durable, with clean, simple lines that showcased the beauty of natural wood.

Shaker furniture remains popular today and serves as a reminder of the simple, honest values that were fundamental to the American Shakers and that played a role in shaping American culture.  This is especially true of Shaker dining room chairs, which are amongst the most popular of all Shaker furniture today.

Shaker furniture can be found in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and offices all across America, but it remains especially popular in New England states where it originated. 

Shaker furniture is best when it is made of solid wood, just as it was when the original Shakers began making it.  Solid oak, cherry or maple woods are traditional wood types used in making Shaker furniture.

Many people continue to by Shaker furniture that is made in America.  Not only does this support the American economy, but it also helps to honor the tradition of American Shaker furniture and adds value to the furniture that is a part of that tradition.  Today, much of the American made Shaker furniture is actually handcrafted by the Amish.  The Amish share many cultural and religious values with American Shakers, and are also known for their skill and rich tradition of furniture making.

1/20/2017 9:08:21 AM