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Shaker furniture promises timeless beauty for generations to come

by Tom Grimes

The American Shakers trace their origins back to the mid-18th century, and though their numbers suffer today, the Shakers are most famous for their cultural contributions. Striving for perfection on Earth, these people have left us with a style of furniture that is a lasting testament to their industriousness.

Shake furniture is famous for its honesty, utility and sturdiness. It is for this reason that it endures as one of the most popular styles of furniture to this day.

Whatever your furnishing needs, an Amish-made Shaker piece will more than satisfy them. These solid wood pieces will suit most home decor, and Their timeless appeal and heirloom-quality construction means they can be enjoyed by multiple generations.

Shaker style bookshelves come in many sizes, whether it is a simple three-piece set, an entertainment center or a Witmer bookcase with sliding doors. They will add a regal dignity to your home's library or study.

Shaker-style desks bring a traditional elegance to any room and quietly encourage productivity with their simple construction and functionality. With sizes ranging from five to thirteen drawers, these desks will easily house whatever you need to get your work done.

1/21/2017 2:34:14 PM