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Shaker furniture will bring a traditional flair to your home

by Tom Grimes

In the late 1700s, the Shakers developed a style of furniture that would become a distinctive American aesthetic. These pieces are renowned for their elegant simplicity, quality and functionality. The style of construction survives to this day, and those looking to add a traditional touch to their homes will be very pleased with the many Shaker pieces offered by skilled Amish woodworkers.

The three-door classic Shaker hutch, for instance, is a prime example of the quality of Amish handcrafted furniture. Made from solid wood, the piece emphasizes simple lines and a solid construction that promises to endure for years to come. These pieces are heirloom-quality and will become cherished parts of your family for generations.

A Shaker-style dining room table is earnest in its execution. Though the ornamentation is minimal, the wood used is of the highest quality, and there is a certain appeal in its simplicity. If you're looking for furniture that will suit your needs without haughty frills, you'll be very pleased with Shaker furniture from the Amish.

1/18/2017 3:21:10 PM