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Sleep in the quiet elegance of an Amish bed

by Tom Grimes

The beds provided by modern furniture manufacturers tend to be cold,uninviting and more concerned with looks than function. You spend nearly a third of your life in bed - should it not be the one place worth creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere? If you are looking for a new bed, consider a fine piece of Amish made furniture.

These solid wood pieces are handmade by skilled woodworkers. Unlike the veneered modern pieces, Amish furniture boasts a beauty that is more than skin deep. Indeed, instilled into every bed is a sense of heritage, richness and authenticity. The beauty of these pieces is simply undeniable.

Those looking for a historic flair will love perusing collections of colonial beds. They bring to mind a simpler time, when early Americans slept well after a hard day's work.

More elaborate designs are also available for the most discerning palette. The Louise Phillipe Sleigh Bed stems from an Amish respect for grand elegance and boasts illustrious curves and a rich wooden hue that's sure to please.

1/20/2017 2:58:19 PM