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Solid wood dining chairs can be ideal for garden views

by Tom Grimes

Inquirer.net reports that a popular design trend is to have a bedroom that has a door leading directly to a garden, where a homeowner can find sanctuary from the stresses of a long day. Fashion designer Mike de la Rosa shared his own house to show off the benefits of this set-up.

Rosa's bedroom has a door that opens up to his garden, and has a terrace that connects the two areas and a wooden table that can seat 10 people. The garden can act as both a gathering point and a private retreat.

"The garden has become an extension of my bedroom and combines living areas, recreation areas and much more. It's exciting to make both areas work together in creating another outdoor room. If planned wisely, it becomes a fulfilling exercise," Rosa told the news provider.

Homeowners who are looking to incorporate this feature in their own residence should first arrange furniture according to the way that daylight shines in the garden, and use plants for pathways that lead back to to the kitchen, dining room or bedroom.

Solid wood dining chairs are pieces of Amish furniture that can add a peaceful, traditional appearance to the garden. They are highly durable and built to last, which makes them optimal for outdoor or indoor use.

1/16/2017 11:58:39 PM